Gravity™ Balans®

A busy lifestyle requires a versatile design that meets our work, pleasure and relaxation needs. Sit, relax or fully recline with the versatile Gravity balans. Totally relax into zero-gravity weightlessness and enjoy the subtle movement as the chair becomes one with your breathing when fully reclined. With the support of a backrest and adjustable neck-rest, your body is perfectly cradled. When upright, the chair tilts the pelvis forward and encourages a neutral, upright spine, which activates and strengthens abdominal and back muscles. Request an info kit.

Backordered until January

$1999.00 - $2048.95
  • Gentle Movement
    From effortless comfort to unmatched variability, Varier recline chairs offer perfect support and relaxation. Sit, relax or fully recline.

    • Yields to the rhythm of your breathing, ensuring deep relaxation (like a cradle)
    • Feet and head are higher than heart for peace of mind (blood flows back to heart more easily)
    • Open design enables variable seating positions
    • Offers back and adjustable neck support
    • Upright position tilts pelvis forward, allows for neutral spine, and activates abdominal and back muscles
    • Offers benefits of balens® concept in active positions

    NOTE: Prices are USD, please contact us for pricing in other countries.

  • Dimensions: 28.7"W x 53.1"L x 48"H
    Sitting Height: 17.3"
    Weight (Net): 59.2 lbs.
    Available Colors: Black
    Number of Positions: 4
    Base: Laminated wood with core in beech, and top laminated in ash


    • 7-year warranty on all wood parts
    • 5-year warranty on all mechanical parts
    • To make use of this extended guarantee please register online: