Varier Ergonomic, Movement Chairs For Active Sitting Story


For many of us, our way of life requires us to sit for long periods at a time. In fact, we spend about eight hours a day sitting. At work, at home, at meetings, during travel, and in the classroom. And when we sit, we tend to sit still.

The Varier Movement Philosophy

We design and manufacture chairs that move with your body. Sit down move on.

Movement is the essence of our brand. We design and manufacture chairs that move with your body. We tilt, turn, and challenge every norm about sitting. And every chair we design is made with movement in mind. Just as nature intended.

Active Sitting

The freedom of intuitive movement. With the Varier Move™ saddle chair, your body leads the way. Designed for active sitting, Move encourages open and fluid movements that constantly engage and strengthen core abdominal and back muscles. And an upright, natural posture enhances blood flow from tip to toe and encourages deeper breathing.

Keeping Active | Varier Active Seating

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