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We sit too much, a reality with health implication so dire that James Levine, a renowned Mayo Clinic doctor, warns that “sitting is the new smoking.” We’re here to tell you that deploying the Move in your workplace can take your team in a markedly more healthy and productive direction.

Use is completely intuitive. Move’s rounded base encourage constant movement and engagement of the whole body thereby eliminating the unhealthy, static postures associated with traditional “ergonomic” office chairs. If sitting is the new smoking, then the Move is how your team can kick the habit.

Move | Varier Active Seating ChairsMove’s design supports an upright, dynamic posture, activating and strengthening core muscles. Move makes it easy to tilt, pivot, reach, and rotate 360°. The open angle between the upper and lower body improves circulation, boosting energy levels and concentration. Move encourages proper posture which can significantly reduce the discomfort and lost productivity associated with back pain.

Move is NEAT™! No, that's not an opinion that is fact. NEAT™ or Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, was developed by Mayo Clinic and is the measurement of all the little activities you do throughout the day that have an impact on energy expenditure and cardiovascular health. NEAT™ certification designates products that increase energy expenditure (caloric burn) by at least 10 percent against a baseline, in this case, established by a standard office chair. Test participants saw an average increase in energy expenditure of over 18 percent when using a Move!

Here's a video of brand ambassador, physiotherapist Jacques Walg, demonstrating the Move:

Seemingly overnight, sit-stand desks have become a ubiquitous sight in many offices. Despite their prevalence, studies show that as little as 15% of moveable desks are used as intended. What happens in the other 85% of the cases? People end up using their sit-stand work surface as if it were a traditional desk, completely eliminating sit-stand benefits and undoing every good intention of the company.

In fact, sit-stand desks are a superb way to improve the health, happiness, and productivity of the workplace. But these benefits come only if the desks are actually used in a way that significantly reduces the time spent sitting (statically) in a traditional office seat. And this is how the Varier Move comes into play. This is how we can help you “Enable the Table.”

If you have already invested in sit-stand, then the stats we just shared probably ring true - we see it in so many of the offices we visit. Company resources have provided a great tool to employees that largely go unused, and we can offer you the missing link: Move!

The Move offers employees an intermediate position between pure sitting and pure standing. With Move, your team can “perch” and derive significant benefits of getting up and out of their office chairs. Those who say that they can only concentrate while seated may find that they do just fine when perched on a Move. People who complain of getting too tired when standing may do fine perched on a Move. Back pain? Try using a Move for a few hours each day.

Time after time we hear from Move users who have fallen in love with this new way to sit-stand. We’ve enabled many tables by adding Move to existing sit-stand desk environments. We know that your team will appreciate the many benefits that come when people finally get up and out of their office chairs.

Add a Glow: Our App That Lets You Track Results. Glow attaches to Move then tracks, monitors, and inspires. When you sit, the tracker captures your every move and visually displays your sitting activity on your iOS device. Glow inspires you and your colleagues to develop better, healthier sitting habits, and provides encouragement and feedback to help you understand the benefits of active sitting. It also tracks calorie consumption and connects with your other iOS Health apps.

Start Moving Now – Add Move to Your Workplace! Move takes about a minute to unpack and assemble. It’s ready to go for carpeted surfaces right out of the box. For offices with hard floors we recommend the rubber sole accessory.

Move is available in three gas lift heights. Medium is installed standard and accommodates users between five feet and six feet. The small is best for users under five feet tall, with tall fitting people over six feet tall.

Interested in trying a demo Move? Introduce your office to the benefits of active seating and make your workplace happier and healthier. Click the link below to apply for a demo Move to test in your office.

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Questions? Want to learn more about Move? Reach out to our Corporate Kinesiologist, Stevyn Guinnip!

We aren’t just trying to sell you the Move; we’re true believers too. Every employee in our company uses a Move. In 2016 we donated 90% of our traditional office chairs, provided all our team members with sit-stand desks, and paired every desk with a Move, even our sit-stand meeting areas. Everyone loves their Moves, including our office pups!