Varier Ergonomic, Movement Chairs For Active Sitting

Varier: Sit Down, Move On.

  • Ergonomic Movement Chairs For Active Sitting At Work Or Home

    Active desk chairs have been around for some time, and there’s a reason for that. Because you were made to move, Varier offers solutions for movement in the workplace. By challenging every norm about sitting, we have been able to help people create healthy sitting habits that impact overall wellness. Varier CEO Jesper Petersen says, “We challenge perceptions of how you sit. The benefits of active sitting are that it makes you stronger, better, faster.”

    Strengthens your core protecting your back and other organs, allowing for good posture.

    Improves your balance and builds muscle tone that can degenerate from prolonged sitting.

    Raises your energy level by improving circulation and your body's ability to move oxygen to key areas.

    Improves your well-being through the freedom of movement. When you move, you thrive.


    “Perfect. I can highly recommend it. Worth every penny. Have used one for over 26 years.”
    Esther M.

    “It gives as much or as little support as you like by leaning/sitting on it by various amounts. Just the right amount of 'on-center' stability and bounce, too. It's fun to move and sit at the same time. My efficiency at work has actually increased, too!”
    Eric D.