At the breakfast counter, desk, table, or even while painting or playing the piano, the versatile Move is the perfect chair for you. Truly intuitive, the Move chair has a slightly rounded base, which tilts the chair in smooth, gentle movements. The saddle seat supports an upright, dynamic posture, which activates and strengthens core muscles in the abdomen and back. With feet placed on the floor, it’s easy to balance and stabilize, or tilt, pivot, or rotate 360°. The open angle between the upper and lower body improves circulation, boosting energy levels and concentration. Request an info kit.

Move is NEAT™ Certified
Consistent movement throughout the day, however small or inconsequential it might seem, can add up to big health benefits. Developed by Mayo Clinic, NEAT™ or Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis is the measurement of all of these movements. 
NEAT™ certification designates products that increase energy expenditure (caloric burn) by at least 10% against a baseline established against a standard baseline. Test participants saw an average increase in energy expenditure of over 18% above sitting in a standard office chair. 

$499.00 - $638.95
  • Open-angle and Balanced Sitting
    Ease onto the padded saddle death with your feet firmly grounded. The chair supports your every move, and helps you to maintain a natural upright posture and strong core.

    • 360˚ saddle-shaped seat
    • Titled circle base
    • Freedom for movement and less strain on the back gives freedom to concentrate on work - not on pain in the back or wear and tear of static sitting
    • Allows body to find active posture
    • Prevents tension in neck and shoulders
    • Strengths core and abdominal muscles
    • Enhances deep breathing
    • Improves concentration through increased blood circulation and oxygen supply
    • Energizes and combats tiredness
    • Reduces pressure on vertebral discs
    • Versatile support at home and office

    NOTE: Prices are USD, please contact us for pricing in other countries.

  • Dimensions: 16.9"W x 16.9"L x 19.3"-34.3"H
    Weight (Net): 59.2 lbs.
    Gas Lift: Yes
    Available Colors: Black, Red, Grey
    Base: Laminated wood with core in beech, and top laminated in ash

    • 7-year warranty on all wood parts
    • 5-year warranty on all mechanical parts
    • To make use of this extended guarantee please register online: